Residential Curbside Recycling

Starting January 1, 2015, Revelstoke will be starting curbside collection of recyclables for Recycle BC.

Recycling will be picked up on the same day every other week, regardless of holidays.

Please see the following map and calendar for your pickup day or download the Revelstoke Recycling Guide PDF.

Collection questions or need information? Contact Bresco customer service, call (250) 837-6650

What to and not to Recycle:

Paper Recycling

  • Paper Packaging containing dry goods when sold
    Paper Packaging containing dry goods when sold
  • Printed Paper
    Printed Paper

Please Recycle:

  • Newspapers, inserts, flyers, catalogues, magazines, telephone books. REMEMBER: Place loose in recycling bag. Remove plastic wraps.

  • Household paper, paper gift wrap, greeting cards

  • Boxboard boxes. REMEMBER: Remove liners. Flatten and place in recycling bag.

  • Moulded boxboard. e.g. egg cartons, beverage carry-out trays

  • Paper bags with single and multiple paper or plastic layers. e.g. bags for pet food, flour, etc.

  • Cores from paper towel and toilet tissue

  • Corrugated cardboard REMEMBER: Remove plastic wrap from cardboard flats. Staples and tape do not need to be removed. If too large for recycling bag, flatten and tie in bundles no larger than 8" thick (20 cm) X 30" wide (78 cm) X 30" tall (78 cm); place between bags.

  • Shredded paper. REMEMBER: Tie shredded paper firmly in a clear plastic bag (no opaque, coloured or black bags). Add clear plastic bags of shredded paper to clear or blue transparent single-use recycling bag.

Do Not Include:

  • Plastic bags used to cover newspapers/flyers

  • Rubber bands

  • Hardcover or paperback books

  • Paper towels, napkins or tissues

  • Non-paper gift wrap, e.g. foil, ribbons or bows

  • Musical greeting cards with batteries

  • Padded envelopes

  • Boxes with wax coatings, e.g., grocery shipping boxes

  • Bags with a foil layer, boxes with a foil liner

Container Recycling

  • Aluminum Containers
    Aluminum Containers
  • Steel Packaging
    Steel Packaging
  • Plastic Containers
    Plastic Containers
  • Paper Packaging containing liquids when sold
    Paper Packaging containing liquids when sold

Please Recycle:

  • Paper hot and cold beverage cups

  • Milk cartons

  • Aseptic boxes and cartons, e.g., soups, sauces; frozen dessertboxes, e.g., ice cream

  • Metal cans and lids

  • Empty aerosol cans and caps

  • Microwavable bowls and cups

  • Spiral wound paper cans and lids, e.g., frozen juice concentrate

  • Aluminum foil wrap, aluminum take-out containers

  • Plastic bottles, jugs and jars with caps and lids

  • Plastic tubs and lids

  • Plastic clamshells, e.g., for baked goods, fruit and eggs

  • Plastic trays and tops e.g fruit trays, cooked chicken

  • Plastic cold drink cups and lids

  • Plastic garden plant pots and seedling trays

  • Plastic pails, less than 25L, e.g., for laundry detergent, pet food, etc.


  • Empty and rinse containers; labels OK

  • Remove caps, pumps and lids, place loose in recycling bag

  • Put metal lids inside cans and squeeze slightly

  • Return deposit containers for refund

Do Not Include:

  • Glass or foam containers

  • Plastic bags and overwrap

  • Straws, non-paper insulating wraps

  • Foil-lined cardboard take-out containers and lids

  • Microwavable bowls with metal rims

  • Propane tanks or cylinders

  • Steel or plastic paint cans

  • Bottles for motor oil, vehicle lubricants, pesticides or antifreeze products

  • Pails for lubricants and oils

  • Aerosol cans with any contents remaining

  • Coat hangers, pots, pans or baking trays

  • Appliances; hardware or other scrap metal; wiring, metal cords or extension cords

Bresco Revelstoke Recycling Guide

For more information, visit or contact Bresco Industries at 250-837-6652.