Frequently Asked Questions

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What bin sizes and uses are available?

Sizes and photos are available on our site.
   - Front Load Containers
   - Roll Off Containers
   - Compactors

How high can the bin be loaded?

The dumpster can be filled no higher than the top of the bin.

How much notice is required to order a bin?

We strive to provide same-day service but we appreciate as much notice as possible.

What cannot be disposed in the bin?

It is very important to follow the CSRD disposal restrictions for all bin types. Specific restrictions are available for:
   - Front Load Containers
   - Roll Off Containers

What is the maximum weight allowed in the bin?

10,000 kg is the maximum weight we can pick up. If the bin is full of construction or general clean-up waste, it will not be too heavy. However, no concrete, dirt or rocks should be put into the bin, as this could make it overweight.
**Note: Some driveways or surfaces may not withstand the weight of fully loaded bins. Be sure to check weight limits before bin placement.

Do we need a permit to place a roll off bin on the road?

The City of Revelstoke has specific requirements for placements on a roadway. Permits are available from the City of Revelstoke Planning Department at 250-837-3637 or for more information visit