Waste Removal

Bresco is the waste removal company of choice in Revelstoke

BRESCO provides waste collection bins for:

  • Waste Disposal
  • Cardboard Recycling
  • Construction Waste
  • Green Waste
  • Manure
  • Steel Recycling
  • Sawdust Recycling

We provide prompt service for your needs at competitive rates.

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Choosing the right container

Choosing the right container
Front End Containers

Front End Containers are the type found behind stores, offices and restaurants. These dumpsters are picked up with the arms on the front of our truck, and dumped over the top into the sealed garbage bin on the truck.
See container specs and restrictions.

Bresco front end containers.
Roll Off Containers

Roll Off containers are the larger, open-top style bins. These dumpsters are used as temporary containers for construction sites, yard clean-up, or permanent containers for customers with large waste removal needs.
See container specs and restrictions.

Bresco roll off containers

Compactors are used to reduce the number of dumps needed, especially where on-site traffic is a concern. Compactors are also more secure, have better rodent resistance, and better cleanliness than other types of available containers.
Contact us for more information or a site evaluation to see if a compactor would be most suitable for your needs.